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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on things that are white? [But remember your answers, because they'll be like white on . . . ]

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Hint4-Letter Word
✤ White bridal garb: wedding ____ ✤
Bully, thug
Mistake, blunder
✤ White, dimpled ball used in this sport ✤
Deep inlet of the sea
✤ White arctic seabird: Ivory ____ ✤
Think it over
Shopping complex
Steeped grain used in brewing
✤ White table condiment ✤
Fine water sediment
Jockey's blouse and cap
✤ White moo juice ✤
1,760 yards
✤ Little white lab rodents ✤
✤ White Asian food staple ✤
James, Moranis, or Pitino
Boulder, stone
Athletic type
✤ The White Stripes' musician White ✤
To support financially
Soak up sunshine
Big blow-out party
✤ White____: to gloss over scandals ✤
Straw used as head cushion
Hint4-Letter Word
Breaker, big kahuna
Grohl, Matthews, or Mustaine
✤ White bird of peace ✤
Go from one place of residence to another
Greater amount or degree
Beetle Bailey creator Walker
Arrange systematically in groups
Black carbonaceous powder
Nasal discharge
✤ White Christmas whitener ✤
Large flat-bottomed boat
Glasgow resident
Animal fecal dropping
Chair, bench, or pew
Musical pulse
✤ White polar ursine ✤
Burn surface with intense heat
✤ Dwarf white stellar remnant ✤
ERA, RBI, Batting avg., e.g.
Specialized law enforcement unit
✤ Graceful, large white water bird ✤
Kyrgyz-, Kazakh-, or Tajiki- ending
Male deer
Smelting waste matter
✤ White symbol of surrender ✤

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