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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on current bowl games, defunct bowl games, and college football rivalry games?

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Hint4-Letter Word
____ South's Oldest Rivalry
(Auburn vs. Georgia)
Bambi and family
Letter opener
Good____ Cotton Bowl Classic
(Arlington, TX)
Give birth to goat or sheep
____ Bowl (1949–50, Scottsbluff, NE)
Hard outer layers of cereal grain
Spoiled child
Dixie____ Bowl (1948–49, Jackson, MS)
____ Bowl Classic (Maryland vs. Navy)
Dull in color
Beer barrel cart
Blue-____ Football Classic (1939–2001, 2003, Montgomery and Troy, AL)
Matriculator (abbrev)
Pointed cattle-driving stick
Bearded billy or nanny
Protective castle ditch
The greatest amount
Dampness, moldiness
____ Bowl (1936, Tulsa, OK)
Ventilation channel
____ Commander Independence Bowl (Shreveport, LA)
Bambi as a grown-up
Out____ Bowl (Tampa, FL)
____ Bowl (Charlotte, NC)
Hint4-Letter Word
Battle for the ____ (Cincinnati vs. Miami, OH or Marshall vs. Ohio)
Hades, Gehenna, Tartarus
Boot ____ Bowl (1970–80, Dodge City, KS)
____ Rogers Bowl (1947, Oklahoma City)
Buffalo ____ Wings Citrus Bowl
(Orlando, FL)
Non-green Bruce Banner
63,360 inches
Untidy heap
Lacking in color
____ Bowl (1981–85, McAllen, TX)
Storm preceder
NASCAR driver Yarborough
Actress Blanchett
Reference an author in footnote
Franklin American Mortgage
Music ____ Bowl (Nashville)
French perfume and cosmetics maker
Pigeon shelter
Orange road construction marker
Auto____ Liberty Bowl (Memphis, TN)
Slang for a type of periodical
Eat (formally)
Copenhagen native
Quick ____ Bowl (Detroit, MI)
Behind schedule
Hinged fence opening
The Big ____ (California vs. Stanford)
Hint4-Letter Word
Advo____ V100 Texas Bowl (Houston, TX)
Loser to tortoise
Clean, Old-Fashioned ____
(Georgia vs. Georgia Tech)
Measure, quantity, or frequency
Habitual repetition
____ Bowl presented by
Northwestern Mutual (Pasadena, CA)
Pinkish in color (esp. of cheeks)
With 'poly' pill bug common name
____ War (Boston College vs Notre Dame
or BYU vs. Utah)
Howdy! in Spanish
____ Bowl (1946–2008,
Wailuku and Honolulu, HI)
Green Bruce Banner
Twain's Finn
Cash in at pawn shop
Strong, dark beer
____ Raton Bowl (____ Raton, FL)
____-[next rung] Classic (1977–93, Tokyo)
[previous rung]-____ Classic
(1977–93, Tokyo)
Singer Nat King
Earth center
____ Bowl (1947-55,
Normal and Bloomington, IL)
Animated flick
1982 Disney sci-fi movie
____ Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama)

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