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Can you name the four-letter words in this fix-it themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word#
*An implement*1
Hard labor2
The rear of an airplane3
*Pointy metal fastener*4
Sedaka or Young5
French philosopher Simone6
Underground water receptacle7
Raised lump, skin lesion8
Helps keep your pants up9
*Threaded fastener, usually found with rung #19*10
A dimwit11
To distribute12
A tall story14
*Retractable measuring device*15
Military lullaby16
What we wish babies took more of17
Shortened nickname for D.C. baseball team18
*Hexagonal fasteners, usually found with rung #10*19
Ifs, ands, or _____20
Units of computer information21
Hint4-Letter Word#
A little snack22
Akkadian counterpart to Cerberus23
Climbing plant24
*Clamping device* (American spelling)25
A trick intended to deceive27
Not tame28
*To join metal by heat*29
To deprive of strength or vigor30
Element Au31
Spiked stick for driving cattle32
Diploma recipient33
*Small wire variety of rung #4*34
Obnoxious child35
Men's student organization36
Below the proper pitch37
Airfoil on wing’s trailing edge38
A complete fail39
Pig food40
*Where you might keep rung #1*41

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