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Can you name the four-letter words in this common bond ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
⚑ Leap, hop ⚑
City garbage site
Slightly wet, moist
Condemn to eternal punishment
Dwarf in Norse mythology
Mitt Romney's Capital Co.
Money for temporary jail release
Pellets of frozen rain
⚑ Pull with effort or force ⚑
Heavy hammer for driving wedges
Large retail complex
Germinated cereal grain in brewing
Turn from solid to liquid
Furred animal skin
Organic material of bogs
Map out an area of land
⚑ Participate in a game ⚑
Kill violently
Sterilize female animal
Boxing training activity
⚑ San Antonio NBA player ⚑
To have whirled around quickly
Avoid, eschew
Close a door
Hint4-Letter Word
⚑ Small drink of distilled liquor ⚑
Nasal discharge
Irritated hissy fit
⚑ Matching pants and jacket ⚑
Hard fat used in bird feeders
Song for two
Insect repellent
Have an opinion, judge
Abound or swarm with
⚑ School semester ⚑
Slender migratory seabird
Aged between 12 and 20
Readied golf ball
Unwanted garden plant
⚑ Seven day period ⚑
Frail, feeble
Introduce solid food to young
Give birth to a lamb (arch.)
⚑ 365 days ⚑
Exercise auditory sense
⚑ Chief, premier of state ⚑
Necklace component
Musical pulse
⚑ Water craft ⚑
Hint4-Letter Word
Diamonds used in cutting tools
Lauderdale, Worth, or Wayne
Golfer's cautionary shout
Small shrill flute
⚑ Period between birth and death ⚑
Small green citrus
⚑ Seconds, minutes, hours, etc. ⚑
Large scholarly work
Rounded roof
French artist Gustave (1832-83)
____ the Explorer
Traditional Israeli ring dance
⚑ Maybe French in orchestra ⚑
Tattered, frayed
Alert someone of danger
Military conflicts between nations
⚑ ____ & Means Committee ⚑
Feeds livestock with cut grass
Danish author Christian Andersen
⚑ Terminal part of forelimb ⚑
Successfully complete plane flight
Canadian singer k.d.

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