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Can you name the three-letter words in this ladder based on a line from 'Psycho'?

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Hint3-Letter Word
LPGA golfer Michelle
Star Trek: TNG Wesley Crusher actor Wheaton
Suffer bad health
The whole of one's possessions
Beer brewed from malted barley
Plural present of 'be'
Green Day drummer Cool
Golf ball holder
Oolong, chamomile, or Earl Grey
Maude and Golden Girls actress Arthur
Constrictor snake or feathery stole
Smallest state in India
Obtained, acquired
Group of articles for sale at auction
Has set a candle aflame
Metal mouthpiece for horse
Wager, gamble
A measure of relative power (as in deci-)
Hint3-Letter Word
With Aviv second most populous city in Israel
1940 film : ___ We Meet Again
Unit of thickness equal to 1⁄1000 inch
Firefly's Captain Reynolds
Angry, furious
Mixed dirt and water
Female parent (informal; typically British)
Total amount from adding numbers
Institute legal proceedings for redress
Between Mon and Wed
End game with score even
___ the season to be jolly . . .
Brazilian 3-toed sloths
Little island
Industrious insect
Tolkein's tree-like being
Paramedic, first responder
Typographical units of measurement

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