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Hint4-Letter Word
❋ Earthy muddy filth ❋
Extremely serious or urgent
❋ Swampy boggy filth ❋
5,280 feet
Least spicy salsa
❋ Fuzzy fungal filth ❋
Seasonally shed feathers
Greatest amount
❋ Damp stale filth ❋
❋ Tiny particulated filth ❋
Darker stage of twilight
Waddling web-footed waterbird
Boat mooring structure
Laugh at scornfully
❋ Horse stable filth ❋
❋ Slimy oozy filth ❋
❋ Thick oily filth ❋
NBA slam
❋ Animal scat filth ❋
Hint4-Letter Word
Mammalian breathing organ
Slow-burning match
Period of abstinence before Easter
Alternative internet alphabet
❋ Wine sediment filth ❋
Tolstoy and Durocher
Nashville band, Kings of ____
'Crazy' waterbird
In the near future
❋ Chimney flue filth ❋
Auto trunk in UK
Unrefined, ill-mannered person
Lacking sufficient funds
❋ Excretory system filth ❋
❋ Sticky semifluid filth ❋
Thug hired to intimidate
Animated movie (abbrev.)
Hammer, wrench, screwdriver, etc.
Exhausting physical labor
Hint4-Letter Word
❋ Unclean tainted filth ❋
Wind-catching fabric on boat
Sum of money to release prisoner
Worm or grub on fishhook
UK resident
Jewish circumcision ceremony
NFL WRs Carter or Collinsworth
Hind limb between thigh and ankle
❋ Encrusted disgusting filth ❋
Street acceptability (abbrev.)
Astaire, Gwynne, or Flintstone
Eagles' guitarist Glenn
Unravel, wear thin
Strip off carcass skin
Fabric used as national symbol
❋ Smelting waste filth ❋
Progress with a slow heavy pace
❋ Blocked drain filth ❋
❋ First rung filth in a clump ❋

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