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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this fitness-themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
★ Feeling sad because you've got too much ____? ★
★ Wishing you had a firm, ____ tummy? ★
Noteworthy accomplishment
★ Can't see your ____ when you look down ? ★
Ingredient in insect repellent
★ Start with a proper ____. ★
Impression or hollow in a surface
Belly button fuzz
★ Maybe ____ some weights. ★
Serious break in friendly relations
Flat buoyant structure; floating platform
Pass gently as if through the air
Small, hard, benign viral skin growth
★ But be sure to ____ up . . . ★
Malware computer program
★ . . . before every ____out. ★
The Monkees' Peter
Rocky hills
Articles of clothing and accessories
Loose flowing outer garment of ancient Rome
Hint4-Letter Word
★ Maybe try ____ for stretching. ★
Small, greenish Grand Jedi Master
Concluding passage of a piece of music
System of letters used in secret mesages
Make oneself snug, comfortable
★ To ____ those unwanted pounds . . . ★
Run with a long bounding stride
★ . . . you might try skipping ____. ★
Actor's part in a play
Enameled or lacquered tinplate
★ You can really ____ up those abs . . . ★
Fork prong
Cows collectively
Dave or Ray Davies
★ . . . with some cardio ____boxing. ★
Choose from a number of alternatives
Of birds, to strike with the beak
Mountain top
Intentionally disclose secret information
★ It worked! Congratulations on a new ____ you! ★

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