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Can you name the words or names which contain the word 'don'?

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Biblical place of destruction
Hebrew name for 'Lord'
1998 Bruce Willis disaster movie
Poisonous plant (deadly nightshade)
Bithynian site of church council of 451
White wine originating in Burgundy region
Regard something bad as acceptable
Trump or Duck
Contribute money to charity
Renaissance Italian sculptor (or Ninja Turtle)
U.S. Democratic Party symbol
Brawl, disorderly free-for-all
Small ring-shaped fried cake
UK Prime Minister Brown
Pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence
Asian nation which shares Papua Island
Most populous UK city
Home of Alexander the Great
Material Girl Ciccone
Late Pliocene elephant relative
Doctor who straightens crooked teeth
Governor's clemency
Greek sea-god or submarine class
Mark Twain to Samuel Clemens
Colorless, odorless noble gas (#86)
Grimly mocking; scornfully cynical
Tyre's biblical partner city
Tough band of fibrous connective tissue
Not tied or fastened; incomplete
Grand Slam tennis tourney on grass

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