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QUIZ: Which one of the four items is not like the others? (choose a, b, c, or d)

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Hinta, b, c, or d
a) Neil Armstrong b) Buzz Aldrin c) David Scott d) John Glenn
a) Tanganyika b) Mauritania c) Rhodesia d) Kenya
a) Warren Harding b) James Garfield c) Theodore Roosevelt d) Franklin Roosevelt
a) Munich b) Athens c) Kiev d) Riga
a) David Niven b) George Lazenby c) Ian Holm d) Timothy Dalton
a) Hammer b) Bridle c) Anvil d) Stirrup
a) Jane b) Emily c) Anne d) Charlotte
a) Athos b) Demeter c) Aramis d) Porthos
a) Illinois Fighting Illini b) Nebraska Cornhuskers c) Iowa Hawkeyes d) Kansas Jayhawks
a) Chihuahua b) Sonora c) Tamaulipas d) Carea Leonés
a) Comerica Park b) Ford Field c) Coors Field d) Kauffman Stadium
a) Alexander Hamilton b) Aaron Burr c) George Clinton d) John Breckinridge
a) Jets b) Rangers c) Panthers d) Blues
Hinta, b, c, or d
a) Armenia b) Mongolia c) Latvia d) Moldova
a) Habakkuk b) Philemon c) Joel d) Exodus
a) Clio b) Calliope c) Thalia d) Daphne
a) Pistil b) Stamen c) Ventricle d) Petal
a) Napoleon b) Lafayette c) Snowball d) Minimus
a) Dan b) Judah c) Gideon d) Naphtali
a) Silver maple b) White pine c) Red oak d) Green ash
a) Fiat c) Renault d) Peugeot d) Citroën
a) Rio Grande b) Mississippi c) Brazos d) Colorado
a) Tasmanian devil b) Virginia opossum c) Red kangaroo d) Giant anteater
a) Curling b) Skeleton c) Skijoring d) Biathlon
a) Oklahoma b) Arizona c) Wyoming d) New Mexico

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