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Hint4-Letter Word
A ____ continues in a state of [LAST RUNG] unless it is acted upon by an external (unbalanced) force.
Foreshadow an outcome
Drill a hole
Put on clothing (past tense)
⚛ ____ = Force x Displacement
in the direction of the force ⚛
Political policy expert
Customary habit
To desire something
⚛ Unit of power equivalent to one joule per second ⚛
Figure skater Katarina
Basketball great Chamberlain
Sword or dagger handle
Otter den
⚛ Unit of potential difference
equivalent to one joule per coulomb ⚛
Burrowing, mouselike rodent
⚛ 6.02 x 1023 atoms, ions, or other chemical units ⚛
Tiny speck
Victory in chess
The ____ of change of momentum is directly
proportional to the force applied ⚛
To praise enthusiastically
⚛ Reflection: the bouncing back of a ____
from a boundary ⚛
Horizontal band around a woven basket
Healthy and hearty
⚛ ____-[NEXT THEMED RUNG]: the time during which 50% of the number of atoms in the element disintegrate ⚛
Young bovine
NASCAR great Yarborough
Actress Blanchett
Arrives after designated time
Low-fat, low-sugar product
⚛ [PREVIOUS THEMED RUNG]-____: the time
during which 50% of the number of atoms
in the element disintegrate ⚛
Husband's marriage partner
Tricky ruse
Mound of items
⚛ The north and south of a magnet ⚛
⚛ Black ____: the remaining core of a supernova
so dense that light cannot escape ⚛
Small island in a river
Gear for steering a ship, especially the wheel
To stack up
⚛ The transfer of energy from a higher temperature
object to an object of lower temperature ⚛
⚛ Periodic variation in the intensity of sound ⚛
Hint4-Letter Word
Ursine animal
⚛ Light ____: The distance traveled by light
through empty space in 365 days ⚛
Give birth; esp. of sheep, goats
⚛ ____ life: the average time during which
a system exists in a specified form ⚛
Long, low utterance
⚛ Object whose gravitational force affects tides on earth ⚛
⚛ Sonic ____: what occurs when a source is traveling
at or faster than the speed of sound ⚛
Weaving apparatus
To direct one's gaze
Security device
To not have enough
⚛ Vibration: a ____ and forth motion that repeats itself ⚛
Spherical object
⚛ Free ____: the motion of a body
under the effect of gravity alone ⚛
Use all available space
To systematically organize documents
Ceramic flooring square
⚛ Speed is the distance traveled
by a body per unit of ____ ⚛
Scholarly book
Hanks, Brady, and Cruise
Light throw
The person in charge
Mrs. Harry Truman
⚛ ____ particle: an electron emitted from
a nucleus in radioactive decay ⚛
The king of Sodom (Genesis 14:2)
Queen of Olympian gods (Greek)
Person idealized for courage
⚛ Absolute ____: The temperature of - 273.16 or 0 K
at which molecular motion vanishes ⚛
Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher
Tonight Show host Jay
⚛ Afocal ____: that of zero convergent power,
having focal points that are infinitely distant ⚛
Not as much
Untidy state
⚛ ____ number: The sum of the number of
protons and neutrons in a nucleus ⚛
Young woman (Scottish)
Final in time or order
Cautionary conjunction
A [FIRST RUNG] continues in a state of ____ unless it is acted upon by an external (unbalanced) force.

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