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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this 'R' themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Cincinnati MLB team
Take a mulligan
Biggest little city in the world (NV)
Russo or Descartes
Letter of ancient Germanic alphabet
Travel by horseback, e.g.
Asian food staple
English singer-songwriter Astley
Storage structure
Speed contest
Fixed charge for services or goods
Rodent pests
Decays, decomposes
Supremes lead singer Diana
With Hashanah Jewish New Year
Tax-protected IRA
Repetitious course of action
Capital of Italy
Play roughly and energetically
Inclined roadway surface
Hint4-Letter Word
Coarse tool for for scraping, filing
What poison ivy causes on skin
Band of Lee, Lifeson, Peart
Deceptive tactic
Pasadena (CA) New Year's parade
Actor's part in a play
Make annoyed or irritated
Widespread, of common occurrence
Crack, split, or fissure
Floating platform
Tirade, diatribe
Tenant's regular payment
Cease work or movement
Reddish coating of iron oxide
Smallest of the litter
Danish word for 'chubby'
Tear into pieces
Double on oboes, bassoons
Fishing rod partner
Genuine, authentic
Hint4-Letter Word
Lion vocalization
Paved highway, thoroughfare
Comprehend written material
Nevada US senator Harry
Surprise attack
King, Virginia, or Clapper (birds)
Make agitated or disturbed
Small loaf of bread with dinner
Very small stream
Iranian currency
Inlets from flooded river valleys
Makes a boat ready for sailing
Capital of Latvia
Moreno, Hayworth, or Coolidge
Solemn religious ceremony
Ready to eat (e.g., of fruit)
Clue(do) weapon
Loose-fitting flowing garment
Steals, takes property unlawfully
Rogers, Orbison, and Scheider
Tampa Bay MLB team

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