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Can you name the 4-letter words in this musical ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
♫ Great composer of the Baroque period ♫
Large posterior area of the human body
♫ Virtuoso guitarist Jeff ♫
Unit of dry volume equivalent to 2 gallons
A sneak look
Banana skin
♫ Sensitivity to a style of music ♫
Energy source for engines
Prearranged combat between two persons
♫ Music written for two vocalists or instrumentalists ♫
To crack because of excessively rapid cooling
Sand hill formed by the wind
♫ Rhythmic succession of musical tones, a melody ♫
♫ Sound considered with reference to quality, pitch, etc ♫
Thousands of pounds
Multiple male offspring
Replaces a lawn
Carbonated beverage
Hint4-Letter Word
♫ Closing section of a musical movement ♫
System used for secrecy of communication
♫ e.g. Ionian, Dorian, or Phrygian ♫
Double agent
To shed feathers, skin
Thaw or liquefy
Anti-vegan food
♫ A unit of musical rhythm ♫
Annoying, spoiled, or impolite child
College organization for men (abbrev.)
♫ Symbol indicating a note to be diminished by 1 semitone ♫
Long thin, narrow strip of wood or metal
Coin receiver in Vegas
Chimney residue
♫ The principal note of a triad ♫
The castle in chess
♫ Contemporary genre of music ♫

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