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Can you name the 4-letter words in this common bond ladder?

Quiz Updated Sep 8, 2016

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Hint4-Letter Word
☢ Basic unit of a chemical element ☢
At the pinnacle of something
To conclude or cease an activity
A stair tread
Slowly leak through
Easter marshmallow candy
A secretive glance
How a bird eats its food
Slang for an interception in American football
Molly Ringwald movie, 'Pretty in ___'
An Evergreen coniferous tree
Hint4-Letter Word
☢ Water-conveying tube ☢
To clean or rub with a cloth
An electricity-conducting metallic strand
☢ To sack an employee ☢
The square root of 25
☢ Plunge head first into water ☢
US ten-cent coin
☢ What a sundial tells ☢
A large, heavy, scholarly book
A subterranean cemetery

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