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Can you name the four-letter words in this photography-themed ladder?

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Hint4-letter word#
☀ Quick, informal picture: ____ [rung 54] ☀1
Open-handed strike2
Hinged section on aircraft wing3
☀ Low contrast print ☀4
Artificial water trench to a mill6
Pre-Easter season of abstinence7
☀ Optical glass for capturing rays of light ☀8
Grassy meadows9
Heavy metal element (Pb)10
☀ To put [rung 21] into camera ☀11
Fertile soil of clay, sand, and humus12
Travel widely and aimlessly13
☀ Developing location: [rung 37] ____ ☀14
☀ A [rung 8] of varying focal lengths ☀15
1940's long-jacketed suit16
Terminus of human leg17
Permanent army post18
Visible shape or configuration19
Having an unyielding surface20
☀ Thin strip coated with photographic emulsion ☀21
Document location22
First name of Road Runner nemesis23
☀ ___ -angle [rung 8], allowing a broad field of view ☀24
Alternate rising and falling of the sea25
☀ Long-duration shutter speed: ____ exposure ☀26
Lengthy scholarly work27
Hint4-letter word#
☀ Degree of lightness or darkness in a print ☀28
Pitchfork prong29
☀ Shades of white in a finished print ☀30
One eighth of a US gallon31
Table tennis: ____ Pong32
☀ Circular device which controls focus or aperture ☀33
Ice skating arena34
Drop shot in tennis35
Short Scottish dagger36
☀ Developing location: ____ [rung 14] ☀37
A challenge to prove courage38
Feel concern or interest39
Preserve meat by drying or smoking40
Concrete street edging (US spelling)41
Slang for outlying residential district42
☀ Flash maker ☀43
Male bovine44
Cotton seed capsule45
Jamaican sprinter Usain46
Tall, protective footwear47
Chimney residue48
Narrow opening for coins49
Pig food50
☀ Setting for light + shutter speed: f-____ ☀51
Pack cargo securely52
Spectacle or display53
☀ Quick, informal picture: [rung 1]____ ☀54

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