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Can you name the four letter words in this common bond ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
⚜ To release from slavery ⚜
Escape swiftly
Floating ice sheet
Blackthorn berry in gin
Outer covering for the foot
Building where goods are sold
⚜ Oceangoing vessel ⚜
Lose balance, maybe on ice
Strike with open hand
Shut a door with force
Where cloth is stitched together
Connery, Penn, or Astin
Hint4-Letter Word
⚜ Rowan Atkinson character ⚜
Defeat competitor
Car trunk in UK
⚜ Loud, deep, resonant sound ⚜
Destruction, ruination
College dwelling place
French artist Gustave
Inverted bowl roof
⚜ Usual residence of a person ⚜
Can you dig it?
Hearty and healthy
Hint4-Letter Word
⚜ Actor Anthony Michael ⚜
Brief social visit
NASCAR driver Yarborough
⚜ Superhero accessory ⚜
Long cloak for religious ceremony
Inside earth's crust and mantle
Days of long ago
⚜ The Grand Old Duke of ____ ⚜
Awkward, socially inept person
Star Trek Worf actor Michael
⚜ Soft, fluffy goose feathers ⚜

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