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Can you name the words that have the following similarities with the word SPORCLE?

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Rhymes with
To swim underwater with
a type of breathing device
Contains letter group
A round plane figure whose boundary consists
of points equidistant from center
Contains letter group
A piece of heavy canvas that has been
primed, decorated, and varnished
and is used as a floor covering
Contains letter group SP
followed by letter group CL
A visually striking performance or display 
An external respiratory opening, esp.
a pore on the body of an insect
Contains letter group PO
followed by letter group CL
Of, relating to, or resulting from many cycles 
A piece of flavored ice or ice cream on a stick 
Contains letter group
A hard, white, translucent ceramic  
A covered shelter projecting in front
of the entrance of a building
Pertaining to swine 
A large rodent with a coat of
sharp spines, or quills
Seven letters beginning
with SP and ending in LE
A small thin piece of glittering material,
typically used to ornament a dress
To shine brightly with flashes of light 
A small spot, as a natural dot of color
on skin, plumage, or foliage
A slender rounded rod with tapered ends
used in hand spinning to twist
and wind thread from a mass of wool
Saliva, especially when expectorated 
A very small spore 
Seven letters using consonants
S, P, R, C, and L (in any order)
The eight small bones forming the wrist 
Female reproductive organs of a flower, consisting of an ovary, a stigma, and a style 
Sharply, in a well delineated manner 
Items wrapped in paper in order
to be carried or sent by mail
Deposits of sand or gravel in the bed of a river or lake, containing particles of valuable minerals 
A person who resells tickets
to make a quick profit
A feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action 
A device used to hold two sections of motion-picture film in proper alignment while
they are being joined together

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