Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Arnold Says, 'Fare Thee Well'

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Can you name the three-letter words in this movie quote-themed ladder?

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Hint3-Letter Word
πŸ€ Possesses, owns πŸ€
A Space Odyssey's sentient computer
πŸ€ Soviet chess legend Mikhail πŸ€
Children's chasing game
Not keep pace with others
πŸ€ Bathroom sink πŸ€
LOTR Arwen UndΓ³miel actress Tyler
'Lily' in French, as in Fleur-de-___
πŸ€ Force, power πŸ€
Hint3-Letter Word
Robust energy and enthusiasm
Burton, Tebow, or Duncan
Traditional Scottish bonnet
πŸ€ Key that advances cursor to next stop πŸ€
Poke sharply
Noisy, bluish crow relative
πŸ€ Hudson, San Francisco, or Chesapeake πŸ€
Turkish title for chieftain
πŸ€ Honey-making buzzer πŸ€

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