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Can you name four-letter words in this movie quote-themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
✶ Jackman, Laurie, or Grant ✶
18th c. Scottish philosopher David
Primary residence
Flexible water conduit
Great multitude
Command, precept (archaic)
Miami NBA team
Spanish auto maker
RBI, ERA, or Batting Avg.
Paki-, Kyrgyz-, Afghani- ending
✶ Daze, stupefy ✶
Eschew, snub
Front of lower leg
Hint4-Letter Word
Slim, skinny
At the time in question
Third journalistic question
✶ Childlike expression of elation ✶
Archaic form of 'you'
Third personal plural pronoun
Be present in large quantity
Fixed period of time
Former NFL coach Edwards
To physically injure
Rabbit relative
✶ Possess, hold ✶
Spread asphalt on road
Having little color
Hint4-Letter Word
Brazilian soccer legend
Furry animal skin
Syriana actress Amanda
Baby bird sound
Make ready
✶ Stage furnishing ✶
Highest deck of a ship
Continuously repeated segment
Ransack, pillage
Oceanic Flight 815 show
Score less than opponent
Togo capital
✶ Young sheep ✶

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