Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: The Beginning of Countries

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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on the beginning of country names?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Hissy fit; state of agitation
Nasal discharge
Chimney residue
Dark, rail-like bird
✩ -A RICA ✩
____ la vie! (that's life)
Game show host Convy
Raised embankment along road
✩-ANY ✩
American Gigolo actor Richard
At this place
Cow congregation
To have grasped
Merge, blend
✩ -OVA ✩
Lacking affection; unemotional
Singer Nat King
Approach; move toward something
✩ -ROON ✩
Hint4-Letter Word
Natural sugar source
Scourge, blight
Install wallpaper in a room
✩ -ARY ✩
To have vocalized musically
✩ -APORE ✩
Microsoft search engine
Hookah; water pipe
Former Oriole and AL MVP Powell
Blessing, benefit
Ring-tailed masked animal
Penny, nickel, dime, e.g.
✩ -A ✩
Signed voucher of a small debt
Scrap, speck, iota
Genius, hotshot
Facial expression
Small bucket
Funeral cloth
✩ -STINE ✩
Hint4-Letter Word
North or south global extremity
Roman Catholic top leader
Deal effectively with difficulty
✩ - VERDE (Eng. sp.) ✩
Feel concern or interest
Lacking clothing
✩ -ADOS ✩
Protein diet exclusion
2006 Pixar film
Tempting demon in Buddhism
✩ -YSIA ✩
✩ -A ✩
2010 Angelina Jolie spy thriller
Merchandise discount event
Maldives capital
✩ -DONIA ✩
Bobby Darin's 1959 knife
Horse stable filth
Strong glandular odor
Make hair untidy
✩ -IA ✩

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