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Can you name the four-letter words of this ladder based on an actor and the movies in which he appeared?

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Hint4-Letter Word#
☆ A ____ in Every [Rung 31] (1952) ☆1
To have encircled with a belt2
The main point or essence 3
Tale of adventures4
☆ Go ____ (1940) ☆5
Period of abstinence before Easter7
Cautionary conjunction8
Oceanic Flight 815 TV show9
Misplace, fail to retain10
☆ ____ Happy (1949) ☆11
Bush Senior Advisor Karl12
Talk wildly or incoherently13
☆ A Day at the ____s (1937) ☆14
Asian food staple15
Gaming cubes16
Italian fascist leader17
☆ ____ [Rung 27] (1933) ☆18
Hint4-Letter Word#
Rugby pile-up19
Solid mineral material 20
Chess castle21
☆ ____ Service (1938) ☆22
Beam extending from derrick23
Animated Jazz Age flapper Betty24
Poultry palace25
Sudden overthrow of government26
☆ [Rung 18] ____ (1933) ☆27
Lemony taste28
Decant fluid29
Make a sulky face30
☆ A [Rung 1] in Every ____ (1952) ☆31
Combed hair dividing line32
San Francisco rail transportation system33
Sheet music division lines34
The red planet35
☆☆ THE ACTOR: Groucho ____ ☆☆36

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