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Can you name the four-letter words in this common bond ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
▶ Sleeve terminus ◀
Rock formed by volcanic ash
Short cluster of elongated strands
27th US President William
Silly, foolish
Skillful, adept
▶ Politically liberal ◀
Space under a roof
Cushy, like a pillow
Organize by type
▶ Not all ◀
Capital of Togo
▶ Measuring a great distance ◀
Canadian singer k.d.
Sudden loud noise
Slope alongside river
▶ Rear side ◀
Male deer
Paddling quacker
▶ Adorn festively ◀
Hint4-Letter Word
Quarter bushel
Furtive glance
Syriana actress Amanda
Stocking stuffers
Guitar neck divider
▶ Emancipated ◀
May be deciduous or coniferous
'Very' to Parisian
Little piggies
Rocky hills
Civil wrong
Boast or brag about
Travel around
▶ 60 minute interval ◀
Frost, rime
Perceive with ears
Make well
Salute the Führer
Frozen rain pellets
▶ Train track component ◀
Surprise attack
▶ Female domestic servant ◀
Hint4-Letter Word
Letters conveyed by post
Shopping complex
Germinated grain for brewing
Stop abruptly
Otter den
▶ Ship's cargo space ◀
Confident and courageous
▶ Spherical toy ◀
▶ Statement of charges ◀
Steel processing plant
5,280 feet
Capital of Maldives
▶ Created ◀
Gradually grow faint
Bus or taxi fee
▶ Golfers' warning shout ◀
Shape, configuration
▶ Grow crops for a living ◀
Injure, hurt another

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