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Hint4-Letter Word
♫ Maritime military branch ♫
Central part of a church building
Archibald, Parker, or Dogg, e.g.
♫ Brief memorandum ♫
♫ Proboscis ♫
Misplace or fail to keep
♫ Point connector ♫
Stem of climbing plant
Tie tightly together
♫ Avian creature ♫
Encircle with belt
Female child
♫ Underwater respiratory organ ♫
Stiff brim of baseball cap
♫ Metallic clanging object ♫
Hint4-Letter Word
Cut down, as in timber
Use all the space in a container
Arrange documents alphabetically
Devious or cunning strategy
Sage and knowledgeable
Strong desire or hope
♫ Cold-blooded aquatic creature ♫
Sox catcher Carlton
Expose to danger
Astley, James, or Moranis, e.g.
♫ Small parasitic arachnid ♫
Mechanical sound of a clock
Got hold of
♫ Printed work bound in covers ♫
Benefit, blessing
♫ Earth's natural satellite ♫
Hint4-Letter Word
Early part of day
Painful thickened skin on toe
Business firm (abbrev.)
Chicken condo
Hack with a cleaver
♫ Thin crispy potato slice ♫
Informal receipt or voucher
Very small amount
Stimulate appetite or desire
Child's expression of excitement
Archaic objective case of 'thou'
Pine, oak, or maple, e.g.
♫ Accurate or exact ♫
Predatory Zork monster
Liquid or paste adhesive

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