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Can you name the four-letter words in this common bond ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Golden Rule: 'Do ____ others . . . '
Cancel or reverse effects
Prefix meaning 'within'
Terminates, concludes
No ifs, ____, or buts
Condition treated by AZT
Subsidiary to main dish
Trig function
Of sound mind
Of an identical type
Not all
Dwelling place
US goalkeeper Solo
1948 Hitchcock crime thriller
Long, loose outer garment
Country bumpkin
Deceptive strategy
Hard, dry biscuit
What street performers do
Hint4-Letter Word
Soak up sunshine
Give financial support
Not have enough
Unduly long and slender
Successfly finish plane flight
Mark Antony: '____ me your ears.'
Heavy metal (Pb)
Shakespeare's tragic king
Hitchcock's '___ Window'
500 sheets of paper
Go outside cellular home network
House partition
Underground plant support
Fine black chimney particles
Fired a rifle
Visit stores to buy goods
Large seagoing vessel
Front part of lower leg
Make the sign of the cross (Brit.)
To have cut timber
Hint4-Letter Word
To have scattered seeds
Elevator direction
Mend socks
Pointed hand-thrown missile
Horse-drawn open vehicle
Plaster broken bone support
Right on most maps
Absence of difficulty or effort
Decorative flower holder
Of great extent, immense
Old 2nd pers. sing past of 'be'
Left on most maps
Meander, amble by indirect route
Natural movement of air
Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, e.g.
Send a telegram
Article offered for sale

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