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Can you name the words and names which contain the word 'bon'?

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Ornithologist, naturalist, and painter
Dead-end channel in Australia; also a clothing company
Event that creates a sudden increase in wealth; also TV western
French general and emperor
Adhesion; also 007
Skeletal unit
Lit on Guy Fawkes Night
8th century bishop; also name of several popes
Medium-sized, predatory fish sometimes marketed as tuna
Hat tied under the chin; also car hood in UK
Clyde Barrow's partner Parker
Primate pan paniscus (formerly called 'pygmy chimpanzee')
Reward for good performance; e.g. additional wages
Whiskey distilled mainly from corn; also street in New Orleans
Nonmetallic element, atomic #6
Suave, stylish, and charming
Blackish tropical timber
Country on the west coast of Central Africa
Small ape of southeastern Asia
Capital city of Portugal
Long, narrow strip of fabric
Low brass instrument with slide
One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home
Skating rink resurfacing machine

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