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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words of this ladder based on an actor and the movies in which he appeared?

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Hint4-Letter Word#
☆ Crossing ____ (2009) ☆1
NFL's Michael of 'The Blind Side' fame2
'I Got You Babe' singer3
Country guitar great Atkins4
Internet conversation5
☆ ____ [Rung 31] Beneath (2000) ☆6
George Michael's pop group7
Fake, bogus8
With 'pei' a wrinkly dog9
☆ ____ [Rung 49]: Episode IV – A New [Rung 42] ☆10
'Immediately!' in a hospital11
Bench, chair, or pew12
Flog repeatedly13
Small water vessel14
Tusked Eurasian wild pig 15
Unrefined, ill-mannered lout16
Period of great economic growth17
☆ Indiana Jones and the Temple of ____ (1984) ☆18
Campus dwelling place19
Destructive computer virus20
MS document-writing software21
☆ Holly____ Homicide (2003) ☆22
Nourishment, sustenance23
12 inches24
Robber's bounty25
☆ Raiders of the ____ Ark (1981) ☆26
☆ Indiana Jones and the ____ Crusade (1989) ☆27
Young woman28
Not as much29
Wine sediment in the barrel30
☆ [Rung 6] ____ Beneath (2000) ☆31
Hint4-Letter Word#
Ceases to live32
Self-imposed restriction from some foods33
Gossip that may be dished34
Extremely serious or urgent35
☆ ____[Rung 55] (2006) ☆36
Taxi or bus ride fee37
Renown, stardom38
☆ Ender’s ____ (2013) ☆39
Stare with one's mouth open wide40
Papuan ritual board41
☆ [Rung 10] [Rung 49]: Episode IV – A New ____ ☆42
Rounded stadium roof44
Female equivalent to a knight45
Blocks up a stream46
☆ Six ____ Seven Nights (1998) ☆47
Senate ___ and Means Committee48
☆ [Rung 10] ____: Episode IV – A New [Rung 42] ☆49
Scottish word for a building50
Protective outer layer of a tree51
☆ [Rung 10] [Rung 49]: Episode V – The Empire Strikes ____ ☆52
Be a pedestrian54
☆ [Rung 36]____ (2006) ☆55
Bitterness of spirit56
Respiratory organ of a fish57
☆ Working ____ (1988) ☆ 58
Encircle with a belt59
Feathered friend60
Mineshaft passageway61
☆☆ THE ACTOR: Harrison ____ ☆☆62

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