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Can you name the words and names which contain the word 'fur'?

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Hot dog
Renovate and redecorate
To provoke or irritate to the point of rage
Region of western Sudan in a state of humanitarian emergency
Secretive, covert
Leave of absence
In Greek mythology a spirit of punishment (or an old Plymouth)
Sofa, chairs, table, etc.
To spread out from a rolled or folded state
Outburst of public indignation
Over a greater expanse of space or time
Yellowish chemical element, atomic #16
To equip with what is needed
One eighth of a mile
Electronic robotic toy resembling an owl-like hamster
Enclosed structure for producing heat
Long, thin strips of wood used to support drywall
Extremely angry
Private university in Greenville, South Carolina
Trench that has been plowed in the ground, esp. for planting
One who prepares and deals in pelts
To divide into two branches or forks; in law, to divide the issues in a trial

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