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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on Rotten Tomatoes' top 100 horror movies?

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Hint4-letter word
#26. The Silence of the ____s (1991)
Fine, open fabric
#11. Eyes Without a ____ (1962)
Best-liked (abbrev)
Cube root of 125
#83. They ____ (1988)
Point connector
Archaic plural for cattle
#4. ____ Kong (1933)
Avian appendage
Twist a watch stem
Join metal by heat
Deep water source
#84. ____boy (2004)
Make well
Circus marine mammal
Scorch surface
Glide on air current
Lathering bar
#69. Ginger ____s (2001)
Unexpected setback
1970s carpet pile
Move in a jerky manner
#48. Little ____ of Horrors (1986)
Oceanic vessel
In congress, assistant party leader
Very small amount
#79. We Are ____ We Are (2013)
Internet conversation
Hint4-letter word
Follows Demo-, Techno-, and Auto-
Mild expression of annoyance
#29. ____ Me to Hell (2009)
Hard outer grain layer
Second largest Algerian city
Home to Muscat
#66. The ____ (1976)
#82. ____ Your Eyes (1999)
Newspaper opinion page
Traveled quickly
Seminal plant
#67. Exorcist: The Version You’ve Never ____ (2000)
To have stitched
To have cut lumber
#15. Evil Dead 2: Dead by ____ (1987)
Mend socks
#60. Near ____ (1987)
Awkward, geeky person
Toil, labor
Sentence component
#27. The Cabin in the ____s (2012)
Large, wooden cross
#39. ____ 237 (2013)
Weaving apparatus
#20. Don’t ____ Now (1973)
Peter Pan nemesis
Owl call
#36. The ____ (2007)
Archaic for command
Miami NBA team
Hint4-letter word
Perceive auditorily
Letter opener
#19. Night of the Living ____ (1968)
#40. Eraser____ (1977)
Cattle congregation
Roll call answer
#57. An American ____wolf in London (1981)
Item for sale
Walk through shallow water
Greenish gemstone
#41. What Ever Happened to Baby ____? (1960)
Western author Grey
#52. The Dead ____(1983)
#42. A Girl Walks ____ Alone at Night (2014)
Rounded roof
Distribute shares
#85. Tucker & ____ vs. Evil (2011)
#86. A ____ of Two Sisters (2003)
Biblical wheat-like weed
#33. A Night____ on Elm Street (1984)
Shaggy lion hair
'The paint' on basketball court
#38. Zombie____ (2009)
Musical group
Tie tightly together
#17. The ____s (1963)
Sheep-herding movie pig
#8. Rosemary’s ____ (1968)

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