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Can you name the four letter words in this common bond ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
❤ Make beer ❤
James Garner's Maverick
Dark red edible root
Better than good or better
❤ Relax, unwind ❤
Monthly apartment fee
Abstinence period before Easter
Cautionary conjunction
❤ Not as much ❤
Open meadows
Cast one's weight to one side
❤ Sum of money borrowed ❤
Fertile soil of clay and sand
Move about or travel aimlessly
Hint4-Letter Word
❤ House subdivision ❤
Weaving framework
Bird on Canadian dollar
Animated film (abbrev.)
❤ Urban area smaller than a city ❤
❤ Elevator direction ❤
Star Trek Worf actor Michael
Socially inept person
❤ Operate or function properly ❤
Political policy expert
Sound of hitting head
Strong dark beer
Foot garment
❤ Under the weather ❤
Hint4-Letter Word
Little shaving cut
Pleasant, agreeable
Three blind rodents
Heavy spiked club
❤ Created ❤
To have greeted
❤ Foundation, pedestal ❤
Instance of a disease
Animal confinement structure
❤ Boy in training for knighthood ❤
Glass window section
Unleavened cornbread
Fleshy fruit (e.g., apple or pear)

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