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Can you name the four letter words in this common bond ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
♪ Above in place or position ♪
Cooking and heating compartment
Scandinavian men's name
Have looked at
Leak through slowly
Dickens character Uriah
Cannabis plant fiber
Dodge muscle car engine
♪ Eighteen wheeler ♪
Father of Ramesses II
Rogen, Meyers, or MacFarlane
Hint4-Letter Word
Star Wars dark lords
Building position or location
Trigonometric function
Vocalize melodically
♪ Gollum's precious ♪
Melon shell
Tear into pieces
Loan money
Heavy metal (Pb, #82)
What may fall in Fall
♪ Hearing impaired ♪
Hint4-Letter Word
Distribute cards to players
♪ Face of a clock ♪
Pickle seasoning
Grain-grinding factory
Udder offering
Mustalid bred for its fur
Monastery dweller
♪ The kissing disease ♪
Former Cher partner Sonny
Skeleton component

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