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QUIZ: Can you name the words and names beginning with 'bro'?

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Raise a difficult subject for discussion
Radio or television transmission
Strong and harsh spoken or written attack
New York commercial theater district
Rich fabric with raised patterns in gold
Cabbage relative or film producer Albert
Small informative booklet or pamphlet
Wrestler Lesnar or baseball player Lou
'Highway Patrol' actor Crawford
Strong Irish or Scottish accent
Cook by exposing to direct, intense heat
Person who buys and sells goods for others
Dark red halogen liquid (#35)
Respiratory disease with inflamed airways
NFL athlete from Denver
'The Dirty Dozen' actor Charles
'Jane Eyre' author Charlotte
Sauropod from the Jurassic period
Home of MLB Yankees
Yellowish-brown alloy of copper and tin
Ornament fastened to clothing with a clasp
Family of young animals
MLB Dodger's former home
Sweeping implement
James Bond actor Pierce
House of ill-repute
Philadelphia's kind of love
Horse-drawn carriage with open driver's seat
Noisy and overexcited reaction; hullabaloo
Subjugate by overbearing, intimidating manner
American firearms company
Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

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