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Can you name the best mode of transportation if you travel ON A STRAIGHT LINE (see game notes)*?

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JourneyBoat (B) or Car (C)
Anchorage to San Francisco
San Francisco to Houston
Houston to New Orleans
New Orleans to Miami
Miami to Charleston (SC)
Charleston to Chicago
Chicago to Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids to Ottawa
Ottawa to Halifax
Halifax to Boston
Boston to Nassau
Nassau to Panama City
Panama City to Caracas
Caracas to Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro to Accra
Accra to Libreville
Libreville to Windhoek
Windhoek to Maputo
Maputo to Mogadishu
JourneyBoat (B) or Car (C)
Mogadishu to Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte
Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte to New Delhi
New Delhi to Tehran
Tehran to Baku
Baku to Bucharest
Bucharest to Tripoli
Tripoli to Rabat
Rabat to Madrid
Madrid to Dublin
Dublin to Oslo
Oslo to Helsinki
Helsinki to Beijing
Beijing to Seoul
Seoul to Hanoi
Hanoi to Jakarta
Jakarta to Canberra
Canberra to Port Moresby
Port Moresby to Tokyo
Tokyo to Calgary
Calgary to Anchorage

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