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Hint4-Letter Word
⚓ Shout out on a ship
Chinese cabbage: bok ____
⚓ Short, steep isolated waves
Go to market
⚓ Ship's store of merchandise: ____ chest
Moving at low speed
Large amount of something
⚓ Lower corners of square sails
⚓ Ship's company
Raven's smaller relative
⚓ The bow of a ship
Search about, forage
Self-righteously moralistic person
⚓ Ship's detainment area
Upper edge or lip of a cup
⚓ Adjustments made to ship's sails
Trolley, cable car
Study intensively right before exam
The crop of a bird or insect
Smokeless tobacco
Irish playwright George Bernard
King James Bible spelling of 'show'
Meat and vegetables cooked in liquid
⚓ Most forward part of a ship's bow
Appear to be
Underground vein of coal
⚓ Width of a vessel at its widest point
⚓ Sail almost directly into the wind
⚓ Ship's dinghy
Italy shape
⚓ Pole attached to foot of fore-and-aft sail
Certain destruction and death
Portal, passageway
⚓ Attach vessel to a buoy or post
Phobos or Deimos of Mars
Blessing, benefit
Former W. German capital
⚓ Direct ship from a position of command
Small rock-dwelling mammal; pika
Broadway live theatre award
English loyalist
⚓ Shallow-draft, lightweight vessel
French sculptor Gustave
⚓ Towards the bow of a vessel
Han Solo actor Harrison
Nutritious substance
Blockhead, dunce, imbecile
Fairly low temperature
⚓ Ship's bell-shaped ventilator
Loud wailing cry
⚓ Sailing vessel with two masts
Open mouth wide due to tiredness
Mend socks
Hint4-Letter Word
Challenge to action of courage
Miami-____ County
Type of ranch for city slickers
Sand hill
Wally and Beaver Cleaver's mom
⚓ Sailing ship of classic Chinese design
Attractive, strong man
Tom Sawyer friend Finn
More polite form of an expletive
⚓ Ship's horizontal surface
⚓ Fixed structure for securing vessel
Athletic guy
⚓ With 'tar,' a sailor
⚓ Front bottom corner of a sail
Sensitivity in dealing with others
27th US President William
⚓ Signal flag on a vessel
Bide one's time
Prolonged high-pitched cry
⚓ Fabric used to harness wind
Garden dirt
To make agitated or disturbed
⚓ Vessel's rotating side to side motion
Small human model as toy
Small wooded valley
⚓ Clanging buoy
Male bovine
⚓ Shell and framework of a ship
Throw with great force
⚓ Roll or gather a sail against its pole
Substance burned to produce power
Touch with your fingers
Provide nourishment
Grandy, Gwynne, or MacMurray
⚓ Body height above waterline: ____board
Escape hurriedly
⚓ The downwind side of a ship
Brown, Pale, and Old beverages
Greek god of war
'Very' in Marseilles
Three point NBA shot
Animal hunted by another
UK fast food chain: ____ a Manger
Rhymester, sonneteer
⚓ Left side of ship
Organize by type
Black, carbonaceous powder
Nasal discharge
⚓ One nautical mile per hour
Have information in your mind
Winter precipitation
⚓ Characteristically slow clinker dinghy
Glagow native
Jupiter's great red one
Hint4-Letter Word
Petty quarrel
⚓ Rigging support pole
⚓ Right side of a ship: ____board
⚓ Strong rope supporting vertical pole
⚓ Vessel's lateral side to side motion
Suddenly end a fly's life
Bench, chair, stool
Tidy, orderly
⚓ High lookout shelter: crow's ____
Untouchable G-man Eliot
⚓ Eating place aboard ship
Quantity of matter
⚓ Vertical pole on a ship
Small floating water droplets
⚓ Vessel's angle of tilt to one side
Austrian physicist Meitner
⚓ Correct nautical term for rope
Superman love interest Lois
Large inland body of water
⚓ Turbulence behind a vessel
⚓ Strong, thick length-wise plank
Roy Rogers' wife Evans
NBA coach Chuck or golfer John
⚓ Sea bottom: ____ Jones' Locker
Marked by undulation
⚓ Unexpected large whitecap: Rogue ____
Item for sale
⚓ Maneuverable, easy to handle
⚓ Horizontal timber for square sail
⚓ Vessel on dry land: On the ____
Cattle throng
⚓ Latrine of a ship
To have grasped, carried
⚓ Storage space for cargo
River islet or actor Sir Ian
⚓ Ship's steering mechanism
⚓ Stoop or incline to either side of ship
⚓ Central structure of ship's framework
Acute, perceptive
Ball end of hammer head
Look closely, squint
⚓ Raised structure for loading ships
Coffin platform
Hops-flavored fermented beverage
⚓ Large, squared stone used for scraping
Auditorily perceive
Mister in Düsseldorf
Not there
C. S. Lewis' '____ Christianity'
Greater amount
⚓ Massive stone or concrete breakwater
Maldives capital
⚓ Ship's second in command: First ____
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