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Can you name the four letter words in this ladder based on shoe manufacturing companies?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Company founded in 1979 by Skechers founder, LA ____
Ursine mammal
Strike repeatedly and violently
Spoiled child
UK resident
Brac's partner in collectibles
NASCAR driver Almirola
Operatic solo
Company known in 1980's for aerobic and walking shoes
Having an eager desire for something
Dry and barren like a desert
Network of lines that form a series of squares
Matriculator (abbrev.)
Spiked stick used for driving cattle
Bearded billy or nanny
Small water vessel
1980's and Napoleon Dynamite trend, Moon ____
Underground part of plant
Originally designed with zippered side pockets, Kanga____
Supremes lead singer Diana
With HaShanah, Jewish New Year
Band of Lifeson, Lee, and Peart
Company known for its crepe-soled shoes: ____ Puppies
Chopped meat mixed with potatoes
Cold, hard money
Hint4-Letter Word
Container designed to hold or protect something
NASCAR driver Yarborough
Company founded in 1928 in Chicago, ____ Haan
Orange road construction marker
Quality or character of sound
Award for excellence in theatre
Company founded in 1972 in NY, official shoe of ABA
Small and weak
District of the Big Island, Hawaii
Formed in 1948 from split between Dassler brothers
Bicycle tire inflator
Liquid collection pit
Grand totals
Phoenix NBA team
Without (e.g. serif)
Company known for shoes popular with skateboarders
Movable device which shows wind direction
Geographical depression, usually with a river
Foul, nasty, unpleasant
'This Old House' host Bob
Company founded in 1911 in Italy
Rough metal tool used for smoothing, shaping
Sum of money exacted as a penalty
Named for its founding location NY's Solow Bldg, ____ West
Company founded in Oregon, known for swoosh logo

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