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Can you name the four-letter words in this common bond ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
▶ Catch foot and stumble ◀
L.A. gang member
Plant product grown by farmers
Black cawing bird
▶ Group of people working together ◀
Crush or grind with the teeth
Military food
▶ Exhibition, spectacle ◀
Playwright George Bernard
Become unfrozen
Demonstrative pronoun
Udder nipple
▶ Examination, quiz ◀
Cautionary conjunction
Coming in at the end
Strike with a whip
▶ Reckless, impulsive ◀
Band of Lee, Peart and Lifeson
Former president W
Head and shoulder sculpture
▶ Tiny, dry particles ◀
Song for two
Fight between two people
Hint4-Letter Word
Lacking interest or excitement
Selective slaughter of animals
Form curved shape in hair
Made when milk sours
Measurement of firewood
Wine bottle stopper
▶ Toil for payment ◀
Part of a sentence
Hospital subdivision
Magician's stick
▶ Set of cards dealt ◀
▶ Firm and unyielding ◀
Rabbit relative
▶ Speed contest ◀
Fine, open fabric
Diplomat-author Clare Boothe
Small Olympic sled
Jackman, Laurie or Downs
▶ Of great vertical extent ◀
Audible breath
▶ Portent, forewarning ◀
Hint4-Letter Word
Irish political group ____ Fein
Trigonometric function
▶ Left or right flank ◀
Nigerian-British singer Adu
Aromatic grayish-green herb
▶ Suddenly popular trend ◀
Unhealthy rattle of lungs
Fictitious tall story
Lacquered tinplate
▶ Number of casualties in disaster ◀
Cash register
▶ Assassinate, slay ◀
Knee-length tartan skirt
Fine river sediment
▶ Sodium chloride ◀
Reduced prices event
Having XY chromosomes
Large shopping area
Send letter by post
▶ Persistently complain or protest ◀
Disturb or agitate
Anabolic supplement (abbrev.)

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