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QUIZ: Can you name the words and names containing the word 'ton'?

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Word opposite in meaning to another A
Game of racquets and shuttlecocksB
Marine mollusc known as 'coat-of-mail shell'C
To explode or cause to explodeD
Baltic country (capital city, Tallinn)E
American inventor Robert of steamboat fameF
Excessively greedy and voracious eaterG
Bar where country music is typically playedH
Of muscle contraction with little resistanceI
Confederate commander at First ManassasJ
Colorless, odorless noble gas (element #36)K
Pioneer medical missionary in AfricaL
Mature sheep flesh used as foodM
SI derived unit of forceN
Frequency higher than a fundamental soundO
Cylinder in an internal combustion engine P
Imitation diamond used in costume jewelry R
Framework of bones that supports the body S
Relating to the structure of the earth's crustT
Free shirt fasteners from holesU
With Louis, a French high-end fashion house V
Capital city of New ZealandW
US nat'l park, home to Old Faithful geyser Y
Microscopic animal organisms in waterZ

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