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Despite its narrow focus, its name is an anagram of 'breadth.'
It's named for a movie quote spoken by actor Anthony Daniels.
It shows an item that was transferred from the U.S. Lighthouse Board to the Department of War in 1901.
It's named for a song from the movie 'South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.'
A month after its creation, there was still no one who had earned this badge.
It shows two fruits of the species Olea europaea.
It shares its name with a common role in a wedding.
Its name becomes a Sporcle subcategory when its first word is replaced by 'Begins'.
It includes a depiction of the cross of St. George.
This badge shows a left hand giving a gesture whose creator gave it with his right hand.
It was the first badge released that had to be completed on a particular day of the year.
It's named for the place in Bartertown where a drifter used a dog whistle to defeat Blaster.
It was the first badge released with an alliterative name.
Before CAPITALIZER, it was the only badge with a name in all capital letters.
It's named for an item purchased at the 'Blast from the Past' store in Hill Valley in 2015.
It has a three-word name and can be earned without playing or making any quizzes.
This is the first badge to depict a human being who was alive at the time of its release.
It takes its name from a phrase in a 1789 letter from Benjamin Franklin to Jean-Baptiste Leroy.
This badge features a representation of a tündük.
It's named for a character played by Stephen Tobolowsky.
It includes a depiction of a symbol found in the Aeroflot logo and on the Transnistrian flag.
It's named for an object whose 1995 song warned of 'danger from external, deadly foes.'
In British English, the first word in its name would add an 's' at the end.
On this badge, a disembodied hand gives a thumbs-up.
Three of the four letters shown on this badge also appear on the World Traveler badge.

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