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The period of time when people started believing that only something can be proven by natural laws and science.
Organized body of armed volunteers.
Agreements between nations or groups to aid and support one another.
Organized campaign to refuse to buy of use certain goods and services
To give up.
Formal written request to someone is authority that is signed by a group of people.
To cancel
Court order that allowed officials to make undecided searches.
Company that controls all or nearly all business in a particular industry.
A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.
Colonial militia volunteer who was prepared to fight at a minutes notice.
Shutting a port or roadway to prevent people of supplies from coming into or leaving an area.
Soldier who fights merely for pay, often for a foreign.
A person sent or authorized to represent others.
Formal statement of opinion of policy.
Introduction to a declaration, constitutional, or other official document.
A formal complaint.
Units of troops on horseback.
Join a formal group like the military
Person not in the military
American Colonist that stayed true to the British.
Paper money printed during the American Revolution.
Armed civilian ship that had the government's permission to attack enemy ships and keep goods seized.
Fighter who works as part of a small band to make hit-and-run attacks.

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