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(1964) A gunman is out for revenge after his friend is believed murdered.
(1971) While traveling alone a motorist is pursued by a mysterious 18-wheeler.
(1971) True life story about the friendship of Chicago Bears teammates, one of whom is dying of cancer.
(1973) A disillusioned Southern woman dominates her family while attempting to find a suitor for her shy daughter.
(1976) A woman with a dark past develops disassociative identity disorder.
(1976) A man and his 'family' plot and carry out murders in the Los Angeles area.
(1979) A woman works to teach a deaf, blind and mute girl to communicate with the world.
(1983) In the aftermath of a nuclear war, the residents of a Kansas town come to grips with the disaster.
(1984) An abused Michigan woman sets fire to her husband while he sleeps.
(1987) The tale of the trials and tribulations of a former First Lady and her battles with addiction.
(1988) Fictionalized account of the 1920's Scopes Trial centered around the teaching of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.
(1989) A pregnant woman's decision to seek an abortion develops into one of the most controversial Supreme Court cases in history.
(1993) Corporate battles ensue as factions vie for control of RJR Nabisco.
(1993) Biopic about a mid-20th century burlesque entertainer and her domineering mother.
(1996) Behind-the-scenes turmoil at NBC as the network chooses Johnny Carson's replacement as host of The Tonight Show.
(1996) The tale of a house and the different women who lived there over a 44-year period.
(1997) Story of a nurse caring for African Americans suffering from untreated syphilis during the 40 year Tuskegee experiment.
(1998) The rise and fall of a supermodel and her subsequent death from AIDS.
(1999) A young writer has discussions and learns life lessons from his dying former professor.
(2001) Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris chase Babe Ruth's single season home run record during the 1961 baseball season.
(2002) Winston Churchill prepares his nation for the prospect of war.
(2006) Rivalries and drama take over a high school during the making of a school production.
(2006) A recent journalism grad is diagnosed with breast cancer and must deal with the consequences of her treatment.
(2007) Native Americans, settlers, and the government face the cultural changes and challenges of frontier life.
(2008) Political and media mayhem ensue during the 2000 US Presidential election.
(2009) The story of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' first cousin, aunt and their Long Island estate.
(2009) A Marine escorts the body of a fellow Marine killed in the Iraq War back home.
(2010) Biopic of an early 20th century female American artist

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