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Can you name the movies in which the voyages described take place?

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(1966) A group of miniaturized doctors and scientists travel through the body of a dying man to save his life.
(2009) An ailing father and his young son travel through a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by cannibals.
(1956, 2004) A British man and his French valet circumnavigate the globe in less than three months.
(2001) A fellowship embarks on a quest to destroy an evil ring in the fires of a volcano.
(2009) An old man and a young explorer travel across the globe in a floating house.
(2010) A mail room clerk goes to sea, is shipwrecked, and proceeds through a series of adventures in far off lands.
(1983) The story of a man and his dysfunctional family as they journey cross-country to an amusement park.
(1991) Two women, fed up with their mundane lives, go on a cross country crime spree.
(2002) Three recently graduated girlfriends take a road trip to Los Angeles.
(1975) The Annual Transcontinental Road Race is run by competitors seeking to kill with cars.
(1993) A Bulldog, a Golden Retriever, and a Himalayan cat attempt to survive the countryside and return home to their owners.
(2000) Four college guys take a cross country trip to stop a raunchy videotape from reaching a girlfriend.
(1956) The Captain and crew of a whaling ship travel a great distance in the hunt for a white whale.
(1954) The Captain and crew of a submarine travel a great distance in the hunt for a giant sea monster.
(2004) Two buddies go to great lengths and encounter many mishaps in order to satisfy a late-night burger craving.
(1989) Four kids, after a scientific mishap in the attic, travel through the 'jungle' of their own backyard.
(1988) A bounty hunter is given the seemingly easy task of escorting an accountant from Las Vegas back to L.A.
(1977) In order to transport a load of beer, a man leads police in a car chase across the Southern US.
(1991) Three middle-aged men go on a cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado. Hijinks ensue.
(1969) Two bikers travel the American South in search of personal freedom.
(1994) Two morons drive from Rhode Island to Colorado to deliver a lost briefcase.
(2007) After graduating from college a young man gives up all his possessions and drifts around the American West on his way to Alaska.
(2005) A man takes a car trip to Vancouver to deliver two kids to their mother.
(1995) Three astronauts on their way to the moon experience a problem and have to improvise to get back to Earth alive.
(1995) Traveling across a global ocean a reluctant man and his companions search for the mythical 'dry land'.

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