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Can you name the television shows in which the voyages described take place?

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A boat captain and his clumsy first mate take a tour with an eclectic cast of characters and wind up stranded.
The crew of a starship embark on a five-year mission boldly going where no men have gone before.
A sheriff's deputy leads survivors of a zombie apocalypse across the US in search of sanctuary.
A young man with a destiny and his magical guides journey to stop an evil tyrant from conquering Westland.
Rough men (and women) make repeated trips hauling cargo along treacherous stretches of road in Northern Canada and Alaska.
The space-faring Robinson family sets out for a nearby star system and gets unexpectedly detoured en route.
The trials and tribulations of a cattle drive from Texas to Missouri in the 1860's.
A group of young men and women travel around in an RV guided by clues and completing missions. And yes, yelling at each other.
Mythical hero journeys around Ancient Greece getting into fights and rescuing damsels in distress.
Reality program about teams of two traveling the globe and rushing to complete adventurous tasks.
Searching for his roots and performing good deeds along the way, a Shaolin monk travels the United States.
Romance and adventure abound, as well as an occasional celebrity sighting, on a cruise ship sailing the high seas.
A fleet of ships carrying human survivors travel the stars in search of their long lost home, Earth.
A physics student and three companions accidentally get pulled through a wormhole and must journey through parallel universes in order to get home.
A survival expert gets dropped off into the wilderness with a camera crew and must make his way back to civilization.
A survival expert gets dropped off into the wilderness without a camera crew and must shoot footage himself while making his way back to civilization.

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