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Can you identify these 45 NFL and 5 CFB historic plays/games?

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HintAnswerTeams (Year)
Missed field goal in Super Bowl 25Giants vs. Bills (1991)
Multiple lateral play by New Orleans only to miss a game tying extra pointSaints vs. Jaguars (2003)
Missed tackle by Marcus Williams a Divisional Round playoff gameVikings vs. Saints (2018)
Trick play at the end of the first half of Super Bowl 52Eagles vs. Patriots (2018)
Forward fumble between Oakland and San Diego in the 1978 NFL seasonChargers vs. Raiders (1978)
Play was preceded by a go-ahead Benny Malone TDRaiders vs. Dolphins (1974)
2 time first team all pro and pro bowler covering a 6th round backup WR in the Super BowlToo easy (Too easy)
Whoever touched it between Jack Tatum and John Fuqua would determine whether or not this play was legal, if only there was proper footageRaiders vs. Steelers (1972)
Dwight Clark in the NFC championship gameToo easy (1982)
Should not have happened as Jerry Rice clearly fumbled a few plays earlier49ers vs. Packers (1999)
Would have been amazing if it weren't for Kyle Williams in the NFC Championship Game the following week49ers vs. Saints (2012)
Before this Hail Mary a facemask penalty on Devin Taylor prolonged the game for one more playPackers vs. Lions (2015)
Arguably the biggest mistake by the replacement refsPackers vs. Seahawks (2012)
Gronkowski didn't have the angleDolphins vs. Patriots (2018)
It may or may not have been a lateral (except it absolutely was), but the player who scored sure wishes he had an extra yard 3 weeks laterTitans vs. Bills (2000)
Down and distance of a famous play from a divisional round game between the Packers and the EaglesEagles vs. Packers (2004)
Why didn't they just knee the ball?Giants vs. Eagles (1978)
Why didn't they just punt it out of bounds?Giants vs. Eagles (2010)
Quarterback Brian Sipe threw the ball when in position to win the game and had it picked off rather than 'throwing it into Lake Erie' as instructedBrowns vs. Raiders (1981)
Browns vs. Broncos AFC Championship Game 1Browns vs. Broncos (1987)
Browns vs. Broncos AFC Championship Game 2Browns vs. Broncos (1988)
What Joe Namath is best known for Jets vs. Colts (1969)
Jets famous comeback against MiamiJets vs. Dolphins (2000)
Mike Jones in the Super BowlToo easy (Too easy)
Famous play in NFL history by Casper the Friendly GhostRaiders vs. Colts (1977)
HintAnswerTeams (Year)
Controversial and famous game in the snow that Jerry Rice played inToo easy (2002)
Staubach to Pearson in 1975Cowboys vs. Vikings (1975)
Was led by Frank Reich, not Jim KellyBills vs. Oilers (1993)
Most famous play was a hook and lateral involving Tony Nathan and Duriel Harris at the end of the first halfDolphins vs. Chargers (1982)
Resulted in a 4 game suspension in which Jacoby Brissett got his first startPatriots vs. Colts (2015)
Rahim Moore really messed up on this oneBroncos vs. Ravens (2013)
Mark Sanchez on ThanksgivingPatriots vs. Jets (2012)
This Super Bowl had the highest passer rating of a losing quarterbackToo easy (Too easy)
2x Super Bowl MVP had a QB sneak to win this gamePackers vs. Cowboys (1967)
The Giants vs. Colts series had some important games before the Manning BowlsGiants vs. Colts (1958)
This game probably would've been better but not as famous if the players could see the first down markersEagles vs. Bears (1988)
2 touchdowns were scored in the final minute of this game, but most people missed it because of the premiere of a 1968 filmJets vs. Raiders (1968)
Somehow this is the second most controversial snow game that New England was involved inPatriots vs. Dolphins (1982)
Famous Hail Mary by the Vikings that was preceded by a Hook and Lateral on the first play of the driveVikings vs. Browns (1980)
A thrown projectile disrupted a field goal at the end of the first half in what ended up being a 1 point gameBroncos vs. 49ers (1985)
Marino's most famous playDolphins vs. Jets (1994)
The first team to win their division with a losing record beat the defending champs in this gameSeahawks vs. Saints (2011)
Somehow the refs reviewed a play after another had been run, resulting in a turnover on downsJaguars vs. Browns (2001)
Good thing the Giants switched to basketball shoes so they could regain their footing and win this gameGiants vs. Bears (1934)
Double overtime game in which the 1982 MVP scored the game winnerJets vs. Browns (1987)
TJ Yeldon stepped out of bounds with 1 second left and allowed this play to happen (CFB)Too easy (Too easy)
Miami and Boston College in one of the most famous games in NCAA History, thrown by the most recent NFL player to successfully complete a drop kick in an NFL game (CFB)Boston College vs. Miami (1984)
These refs couldn't even count, but that doesn't change the fact that Charles Johnson didn't even score (CFB)Colorado vs. Missouri
2013 Auburn looked like the team of destiny after this play (CFB)Too easy (2013)
The band is on the field (CFB)Too easy (1982)

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