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Can you name the historical figures I learned in 7th grade history when given a short description?

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King of MacedoniaA
2nd wife of King Henry VIIIB
Started branch of ProtestantismC
Roman Emperor who split it in twoD
Queen of England in late 1500sE
King of Spain in 1492F
Portuguese explorerG
General who fought with Carthage in Punic WarsH
Queen of Spain in 1492I
Byzantine Emperor who married TheodoraJ
Grandson of Genghis KhanK
Italian Renaissance Painter and InventorL
Aztec leader when empire fell to SpainM
English Physicist in the RenaissanceN
Former name of Roman Emperor AugustusO
Italian Explorer who traveled to Asia on the Silk RoadP
Brothers who founded Rome (name one)R
Greek PhilosopherS
Roman Emperor who made Christianity officialT
Pope who called for the CrusadesU
Latin Poet who wrote the AeneidV
King of England in 11th century (don't overthink it)W

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