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With #6, an instrument with a slide1
1982 Sci-Fi film2
An animated video3
A thing that is helpful or beneficial4
A German city on the Rhine5
With #1, an instrument with a slide6
Single; a ____ wolf7
A geometric shape like a crescent8
To adjust pitch9
Saltwater fish10
Large instrument with 3 valves11
Island Nation South of Florida12
Customers Bancorp Inc. Stock abbr.13
Marie ____e, who won 2 Nobel Prizes14
Be concerned or interested16
The ____ necessities of life will come to you17
With #25, a miniature version of #1118
A son of Homer Simpson19
'So' in Quebec21
You ____ do that!22
Walking assistant or sugar____23
What ice cream might be served in24
With #18, a miniature version of #1125

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