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QUIZ: Can you name the What am I thinking of??

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13th letter of the alphabet
The number after 487763902
The current prime minister of Canada (last name)
Krusty the _____
Canada's summer sport
The person that coaches a team
Primary colour that starts with B
Toronto _____ Leafs
My first sporcle quiz
The quiz your playing
Whats TV stand for
The Big ____ Theory
The bottom row of letters on your keyboard
The BIg LEtTeRS iN THis SeNTEnCe
The numbers on the keyboard from 1-0 while you hold down the shift button
One of the 2 elements on the periodic table that starts with Z
The other element that starts with Z
Most populated city in Florida
Most populated city in Canada
Mario's brother ____
Rhymes with mapple juice
If #1 is pee then #2 is
Rock, paper or scissors
beans beans theyre good for your heart the more you eat the more you ____

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