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Afghanistan'the National Team' in Persian
Albania'the Red and Blacks' in Albanian
Algeria'the Desert Foxes' in French
American Samoa'the National Team' in Samoan
Andorra'the Tricolor Selection' in Catalan
Angola'the Black Antelopes' in Portuguese
Anguilla'the (meteorological phenomenon) Warriors'
Antigua and Barbuda'the (local dance) Boyz'
Argentina'the White and Sky Blues' in Spanish
Armenia'the National Team' in Armenian
Aruba'the Selection' in Spanish
AustraliaHydrid between 'soccer' and 'kangaroos'
Austria'Wonder Team' in German
Azerbaijan'the Team from the Land of Fire' in Azeri
Bahamas'the (local dance) Boys'
Bahrain'the Red Wolves' in Arabic
Bangladesh'the National Team' in Bengali
Barbados'(demonym) Pride'
Belarus'White Wings' in Belorussian
Belgium'the Red Devils' in French or Dutch
Belize'the (big cat)s'
Benin'the Squirrels' in French
Bermuda'the (traditional dance) Warriors'
Bhutan'the Yellow (mythical animal)s'
Bolivia'the (colour)' in Spanish
Bosnia and Herzegovina'the Dragons' in Bosnian
Botswana'the Zebras' in Tswana
Brazil'little canary' or 'Selection' in Portuguese
British Virgin Islands'the Nature (group of people)'
Brunei 'the Wasps' in Malay
Bulgaria'the Lions' in Bulgarian
Burkina Faso'the Stallions' in French
Burundi'the Swallows' in French or Kirundi
Cabo Verde'the Blue Sharks' in Portuguese
Cambodia'the National Team' in Khmer
Cameroon'the Indomitable Lions' in French
Canada'the (slang for Canadian)s'
Cayman Islands'the (country) Team'
Central African Republic'the Fwans of Ubangui' in French
Chad'Les (previous civilisation in Chad)'
Chile'the Reds' in Spanish
China'Team (country)'
Colombia'the Coffee Growers' in Spanish
Comoros'the Coelecanths' in French
Cook Islands'the National Team' in Maori
Costa Rica'the (slang for Costa Rican natives)'
Cote d'Ivoire 'the Elephants' in French
Croatia'Fiery Boys' in Croatian
Cuba'the Tricolors' in Spanish
Cypurs'the White and Blues' in Greek
Czechia'the Locomotive' in Czech
Democratic Republic of the Congo'the Leopards' in French
Denmark'(demonym) Dynamite'
Djibouti'the Young Red Sea' in French
Dominica'(country) Team'
Dominican Republic'the (slang for Dominicans)' in Spanish
Ecuador'the Tricolor' in Spanish
Egypt'the (old rulers of Egypt)'
El Salvador'the (slang for El Salvadorians)'
England'the Three (animals)'
Equatorial Guinea'the National Lightning' in Fang
Eritrea'the (body of water) Boys'
Estonia'the Blues' in Estonian
Eswatini'the Shield of His Majesty' in Swaz
Ethiopia'(wild goat species)'
Faroe Islands'the National Team' in Faroese
Fiji'(Fijian greeting) Boys'
Finland'the White and Blues' in Finnish
France'the Blues' in French
Gabon'the Panthers' in French
Gambia'the (insect)s'
Georgia'the Crusaders' in Georgian
Germany'the National Team' or 'the National Eleven' in German
Ghana'the (colour) Stars'
Greece'the Sky Blue and White Team' in Greek
Grenada'the Spice (group of people)'
Guam'(ancient upper class people in Guam society)'
Guatemala'El Equipo (slang for Guatemalans)'
Guinea'the National Elephants' in Sousou
Guinea-Bissau'(species of fox)' in Creole
Guyana'the Golden (big cat)s'
Haiti'the Bicolors' in French
Honduras'the (slang for citizens of Honuras)' in Spanish
Hong Kong'(region) Team'
Hungary'the National Team' in Hungarian
Iceland'Our Boys' in Icelandic
India'Blue (big cat)s'
Indonesia'the Red and Whites' in Indonesian
IranTeam 'national' in Persian
Iraq'the Lions of the Two Rivers' in Arabic
Israel'the Sky Blue Team' in Hebrew
Italy 'Blues' in Italian
Jamaica'(type of music) Boyz'
Japan'(Japanese warrior) Blues'
Jordan'the Brave' in Arabic
Kazakhstan'the Snow Leopards' in Russian
Kenya'the (we can work together) Stars'
Kuwait 'the Blues' in Arabic
Kyrgyzstan'the Red Team' in Russian
Laos'the National Team' in Laos
Latvia'the National Team' in Latvian
Lebanon'the Team of Cedars' in Arabic
Lesotho'the Crocodile' in Sesotho
Liberia'the Lone (astranomical object)'
Libya'the Greens' in Arabic
Liechtenstein'(short for Nationalmannschaft)'
Lithuania'the National Team' in Lithuanian
Luxembourg'the Lions' in Luxembourgish
Macau'the Green Team' in Portuguese
Madagascar'(species of zebu)'
Malawi'the (part of fire)s'
Malaysia'Malaysian Tigers' in Malay
Maldives'Red (type of fish)s'
Mali'the Eagles' in French
Malta'Knights of (Biblical saint)'
Mauritania'the (ancient Mauritanian dynasty)s'
Mauritius'Club (letter of the alphabet)'
Mexico'the Tricolor' in Spanish
Moldova'the Selection' in Moldovan
Mongolia'Blue (big dog)s'
Montenegro'the Brave Falcons' in Serbian
Montserrat'the (type of gem) Boys'
Morocco'the Lions of Atlas' in French
Mozambique'the (poisonous snake)s'
Myanmar'White (Biblical bodies)'
Namibia'the (adjective) Warriors'
Nepal'(inhabitants of Gorkha)'
Netherlands'Orange' in Dutch
New Caledonia'the (native bird)s' in French
New Zealand'the All (colour)s'
Nicaragua'the Blue and White' in Spanish
Niger'the (species of antelope)'
Nigeria 'the Super (type of bird)s'
Northern Ireland'the (colour) and (colour) Army'
Northern Mariana Islands'Blue (species of crab)s'
North Korea'(Korean mythical horse)' in Korean
North Macedonia'the Red Lynx' in Macedonian
Norway'the National Team' in Norwegian
Oman'the Reds' in Arabic
Pakistan'the (colour) and (colour) Team'
Palestine'the National Team' in Arabic
Panama'the Red Tide' in Spanish
Papua New Guinea'the National Team' in Tok Pisin
Paraguay'the (indigenous people of South America)s'
Peru'the White and Reds' in Spanish
Philippines'the Stray Dogs' in Philipino
Poland'White-Reds' in Polish
Portugal'the Selection of the Forts' in Portuguese
Puerto Rico'the Blue Hurricane' in Spanish
Qatar'the Crimsons' in Arabic
Republic of Ireland'the Boys in (colour)'
Republic of the Congo'the Red Devils' in French
Romania'Three Coloured Ones' in Romanian
Russia'National Team' in Russian
Rwanda'the Wasps' in Kinyarwanda
Samoa'(native bird)'
San Marino'the Most Serene' in Italian
São Tomé and Principe'the Green-Yellows' in Portuguese
Saudi Arabia'the Green Hawks' in Arabic
Scotland'the Tartan (type of dog)s'
Senegal'the Lions of Teranga' in French
Serbia'the Blue' in Serbian
Seychelles'the (sea thieves)'
Sierra Leone'the (demonym)s Stars'
Singapore'the (big cat)s'
Slovakia'Representation' in Slovak
Slovenia'the Boys' in Slovenian
Solomon Islands'the (species of fish)'
Somalia'the (type of water body) Stars'
South Africa'the Boys, the Boys' in isiZulu
South Korea'Asian (big cat)s'
Spain'the Red Fury' in Spanish
Sri Lanka'(adjective) Reds'
St. Kitts and Nevis'the (type of sweetener) Boyz'
St. Lucia'the (volcanic tower on the island)'
St. Vincent and the Grenadines'the (slang demonym) Heat'
Sudan'Desert Hawks' in Arabic
Suriname'(short for National)'
Sweden'the Blue and Yellows' in Swedish
Switzerland'(short for Nationals)'
Syria'the Reds' in Arabic
Tahiti'the Iron Warriors' in Tahitian
Taiwan'China Team' in Chinese
Tajikistan'the National Team' in Tajik
Tanzania'the ('country' in Swahili) Stars'
Thailand'War (large mammal)s'
Timor-Leste'the Rising Sun' in Portuguese
Togo'the Sparrowhawks' in French
Tonga'the National Team' in Tongan
Trinidad and Tobago'the (local music genre) Warriors'
Tunisia'the Eagles of Carthage' in French
Turkey'Crescent Stars' in Turkish
Turkmenistan'Dark Horses' in Turkmen
Turks and Caicos Islands'(acronym of country) Team'
Uganda'the (species of bird)s'
Ukraine'National Team' in Ukrainian
United Arab Emirates'the Eagles' in Arabic
United States of America'the (astronomical object)s and (band)s'
Uruguay'(Amerindian indigenous people)'
US Virgin Islands'the Dashing (species of bird)'
Uzbekistan'White (big dog)s'
Vanuatu'the Men in (colour) and (colour)'
Venezuela'the Burgundies' in Spanish
Vietnam'the National Team' in Vietnamese
Wales'the (mythical creature)s'
Yemen'Happy Yemen' in Arabic
Zaire'(big cat)s'
Zambia'the Copper Bullets' in Bemba
Zimbabwe'the (fighter)s'

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