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Forced Order
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NicknameWrestlerMale or Female
The Guru of GreatnessMale
The Golen WarriorMale
The Big Red Machine. The Big Red Monster, The Devil's Favorit DemonMale
The CoachMale
The Big ValbowskiMale
Mr 6033Male
The Notorious K.I.DMale
The BlueprintMale
The MonsterMale
Al Ave de las Tempestades (Storm Bird)Male
The SnakeMale
The BossMale
The Rookie Monster, The Big F'N Deal, The Man-Beast, The War MachineMale
The Beast From The Black Hole, The MonsterMale
The JuiceMale
The Samoan BulldozerMale
The People's Champion, The Great One, The Brahma Bull, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment Today, Male
The FunkerMale
The KingMale
The Rocket, the Avenger, the King of Harts,the Two-Time Slammy Award Winner, the Black Hart Male
The Moscow MaulerMale
The Ravishing One, RavishingMale
The CruncherMale
The Year's ModelMale
The Houdini Of HardcoreMale
The Living LegendMale
The HitmanMale
The MastadonMale
The Brandon, Mr. WonderfulMale
Made In The USAMale
The ProdigyMale
The IcemanMale
The Dogfaced GremlinMale
The GodfatherMale
The GlamazonFemale
The Giant KillerMale
New AttitudeMale
The Golden Haired FoxFemale
The American Dream, The Bull Of The Woods, StardustMale
The Doctor Of ThuganomicsMale
The Canadian EnforcerMale
La Esencia De La Exelencia (The Essence of Excellence), The Mexican AristocratMale
The NarcissitMale
The Original King Of Swing, Dancin'Male
The Duchess of DudleyvilleFemale
The Loose CannonMale
The Mouth Of The SouthMale
The MasterpieceMale
The Paranoid Pied Piper of TNAMale
The Texas CowgirlFemale
The Nature BoyMale
Lionheart, Your Hero, Role Model and Paragon of Virtue, The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, The Man of 1004 Holds, the King of the Loopholes, Y2J, the Larger-Than-Life Living Legend, Male
The Heartbreak Kid/HBK, The Show Stopper, Mr. WrestleManiaMale
The Stampede KidMale
The Female Fighting PhenomFemale
The Boy WonderMale
Mr Ass, The OneMale
Sexual Chocolate, The King Of The Jungle, The World's Strongest Man, The SilverbackMale
The ChairmanMale
Your Olympic Hero, The Wrestling MachineMale
Mad DogMale
Dr DeathMale
Hotrod, The Rowdy ScotMale
The Guiding LightMale
The Middle Eastern NightmareMale
The Macho Man, The Macho KingMale
The Rogue Outsider, The Straight Edge Warrior, The Second City SaintMale
King KongMale
The Mad Scientist Of Pro WrestlingMale
America's HeroMale
The 9th Wonder Of The WorldFemale
The Pearl Of The OrientMale
The First Lady Of WrestlingFemale
The Mexican WarriorMale
The Fabulous FreebirdFemale
The Game, The Cerebral Assasin, The Sadistic Son In LawMale
Double AMale
The Cornfes ColossusMale
NicknameWrestlerMale or Female
Choujuu (super beast)Male
The Modern Day Warrior, Tora no Tsume (Nails Of Tiger), The Texas TornadoMale
Mr WrestlingMale
The Pink And Black Attak(Tag Team) Male
Pretty BoyMale
The Excellence of Execution, The Best There is The Best There Was The Best There Ever Will Be, The HitmanMale
The X-Factor, T-Rex, Dreadlock Demolition ManMale
The Main Event, Custom Chuckey PMale
The Paparazzi Princess, The Paparazzi DivaFemal
Big TimeMale
The PhenomMale
The Prince Of Punk, The RejectMale
The ModelMale
The AnimalMale
The AnvilMale
The varsity Villan, The Rare Breed, A-RiMale
Good Ol' JRMale
The NaturalMale
The Dirtiest Player In The GameMale
Tha HammerMale
The PolicyMale
The Chosen OneMale
The PunisherMale
The Human Orchid, The Toast Of The Coast, The Sensation Of The NationMale
Big Vis, The World's Largest Love MachineMale
Buff DaddyMale
The Big Shot, The Superheavyweight, The Alabama SlammaMale
The ProfessorMale
The All-AmericanMale
The MindMale
The Texas Rattlesnake, The Toughest SOB in WWE, the Bionic Redneck, Stone Cold, StunningMale
The DragonMale
The Grim Reaper, The Man from the Dark Side, The Pale Destroyer, The Lord of Darkness, The American Badass, the Deadman, the Red Devil, Big Evil, the Demon of Death ValleyMale
El Guerrero del Averno (Warrior From Hell)Male
The Hardcore Chair-Swinging Freaks(Tag Team) Male
Mr SmackdownMale
the New F'N ShowMale
The WormMale
The Next, The Prospect, The Technical MessiahMale
The FreakMale
The Father Of DestructionMale
The Fallen Angel, Mr. TNAMale
The Phenomenal OneMale
The All-American BoyMale
Canada's Strongest ManMale
Latino HeatMale
The World's Most Dangerous ManMale
The Pearl River PowerhouseMale
The Russian GiantMale
The Horny Little She-DevilFemale
The Man Of 1000 HoldsMale
The ButcherMale
The Canadian Rage, Captain Charisma, The Instant ClassicMale
The BodyMale
The Tennessee CowboyMale
The Deranged OneMale
The Rogue Horeman, The Ticking Time BombMale
The Bad GuyMale
The Hippest Cat In The LandMale
The French PhenomMale
The Gold StandardMale
The Supreme Fighting MachineMale
The Devious OneMale
SOS, the Irish Curse, the Celtic WarriorMale
Jo-Mo (i was running out of idea's ok)Male
Simply Sensational, The Snowman, The Crown Prince of HardcoreMale
The Notorious 187Male
The World WarriorMale
The Golden BoyMale
The Canadian Destroyer, Maple Leaf Muscle, Little Petey Pump, The Defenition Of DefnitionMale
Mr USAMale
The Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the Tuesday Night Delight Male
The Yellow Rose Of TexasMale
The BirdmanMale
The Human Suplex Machine, The Path Of Rage, The Orange And Black Attack, The One Man Crime SpreeMale
The Creation Of DevastationMale
The Master And Ruler Of The World, Millenium ManMale
The Next Big ThingMale
NicknameWrestlerMale or Female
The Lethal One, Black MachismoMale
The PopeMale
The Innovater Of Violence Male
The Million Dollar ManMale
The AxeMale
The Original GangstaMale
The IconMale
The Handsome HalfbreedMale
The Red And Black Attak(Faction)
American DragonMale
The Billion-Dollar PrincessFemale
The ClassicMale
The Excellence Of Innovation, The Dolphin Master, The Intrepid TravlerMale
The Redneck MessiahMale
The Charsmatic Enigma, The Rainbow-Haired Warrior, The Extreme Enigma, The Anti-Christ Or Professional WrestlingMale
The Hardcore IconMale
The Homicidal Suicidal Genocidal Death Defying ManiacMale
The Madman From Sudan, Kuroi Jujutsushi (Black Wizard)Male
Hanco of HotnessMale
The Belfast Brusier, The Belfast Brawler, FitMale
The Beast From The EastMale
The 8th Wonder Of The WorldMale
The Sensei Of MattitudeMale
Mr PerfectMale
The Colossus Of Boggo RoadMale
The Brothers Of DestructionMale (Tag-Team)
Big Lalo, El PresidenteMale
The Samoan Submission MachineMale
Big Daddy Cool, Big SexyMale
B-Grizzle, The Trailer Park Gangsta, Road DoggMale
The BarberMale
The Bizzare One, The Prince Of PerversionMale
The FranchiseMale
The Walking Condominium, The Master Of The 5 CountMale
Moeru Toukon (Fighting Spirit That Burns)Male
The Russian BearMale
The FutureMale
The Legend Killer, The Viper, The WWE's Apex PredatorMale
The Prince Of PranksMale
The Total PackageMale
The Original Playa From The Himalaya, The GuruMale
The Silver-Tongued PugilistMale
The Hip Hop HippoMale
The Alpha MaleMale
Heavy MetalMale
Magificant, The RockMale
The Hulkster, The Immortal OneMale
The Extreme Giant, The World's Largest AthleteMale
The CripplerMale
Mr. Monday Night, The Whole F'N Show, Mr. PPV, Mr. TNN, Mr. Thursday Night Male
The Voice Of ECWMale
P.S (┬ĘPurley Sexy)Male
The BrainMale
The Real DealMale
The AnarchistMale
The Hardcore LegendMale
Simply Irresistible, Double-J, The King of the Mountain Male
The Sensation of Innovation, The Show, The Suicide Bomb, Sugar, IBM: Insane Bump MachineMale
The Rabid Wolverine, The Human BuzzsawMale
The Mexican Superman, SuperMexMale
The Mad Dogs Of WarMale
The Lethal WeaponMale
The BashamMale
The Mag DaddyMale
The All-American AmericanMale
The Human Highlight ReelMale
The BulletMale
The Paragon Of VirtueMale
El Principe de Plata y Oro (The Prince Of Silver And Gold)Male
The Italian SupermanMale
The Punjabi Nightmare, The Punjabi Playboy, The Prince of the Land of Five RiversMale
The Black And White Express(Faction)
The Real Double J, Road DoggMale
The Insane LuchadorMale
The BombshellFemale
The Rated R Superstar, The Ultimate OpportunistMale

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