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Can you name these words that end with two-letter state postal abbreviations?

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A type of canoeAlaska
An island in the San Francisco Bay known for its penitentiaryArizona
A style of Spanish music, often accompanied by singing and dancingColorado
To make something by combining various ingredientsConnecticut
A type of whale living in the Arctic OceanGeorgia
A small, strolling, Mexican bandHawaii
Sluggish in character or dispositionIdaho
To take the belongings of othersIndiana
The fear of heightsIowa
Fussy, difficult to pleaseKentucky
The thinner of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankleLouisiana
A difficult problem or puzzleMassachusetts
Folding paper into shapes representing objectsMichigan
To express strong disapproval ofMinnesota
A device used for a specific jobMissouri
Imagined or hoped forMontana
Loud confusing disagreeable soundsNew York
Currency of SwitzerlandNorth Carolina
The title of ancient Egyptian kingsOhio
A person using a false identityOregon
Squid prepared as foodRhode Island
A person travelling in spaceUtah
A neutral middle vowel represented by the symbol 'ə'Washington
A type of fruit or bird from New ZealandWisconsin

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