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1933Merian C. Cooper
1965Roman Polanski
1935James Whale
1986James Cameron
1979Sam Raimi
1931James Whale
1975Steven Spielberg
1919Robert Wiene
1968Roman Polanski
1922F.W. Murnau
1955Charles Laughton
1987Sam Raimi
1979Ridley Scott
1960Alfred Hitchcock
1959Georges Franju
1991Jonathan Demme
1945Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Robert Hamer, Basil Dearden
1961Jack Clayton
1968George A. Romero
1963Alfred Hitchcock
1932Tod Browning
1931Tod Browning
1979George A. Romero
1974Nicholas Roeg
1942Jacques Tourneur
1984Wes Craven
1987Kathryn Bigelow
1960Michael Powell
1953Andre de Toth
1977Dario Argento
1979Warner Herzog
2001Guillermo Del Torro
1985Tom Holland
1973Robin Hardy
2004Edgar Wright
1990Rob Reiner
1976David Lynch
1943Jacques Tourneur
1978John Carpenter
1974Tobe Hooper
1983David Cronenberg
1994Guillermos Del Torro
2003Danny Boyle
1976Brian De Palma
1925Rupert Julian
1990John McNaughton
1931Carl Theodor Dreyer
1968Peter Bogdanovich
1958Terrence Fisher
1966John Frankenheimer

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