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Michaels middle initial
Saras favorite quote
what is the name of alex mahones son
who is the doctor t-bag killed after he helped him with his hand
What is the name of veronica donovans fiance
what is charles westmorelands wifes name
What does David Apolskis write on the window of debra jean scotts car before he abandons it
where does T-bag want to get a new hand
What is the name of the man who stole maricruz from sucre
What does Bellick say manche sang like when he goes to fox river to get info out of him
Who goes across the wire out of the prison after lincoln
Where is Fox River Penitentary
What card game do michael and lincoln play before lincolns execution
What does Michael have Nika sneak into the prison
Where does Charles patoshik want to travel to
What alias does Theodore Use in season 4
What game did T-bags father make him play to impress his friends when T-Bag was younger
What is the name of T-Bags secretary in the fourth season
What basketball Jersey does michaels younger friend wear in sona
What does Bellick Use to win fights in sona
Who Killed Alex mahhones son
What program is michael and his group trying to get in the fourth season
When Michael is retrieving Scylla from the country what is used to balance the temperature of the room
Which character steps on a land mine
What is the brand of the blue $2000 suit the fake Cooper Green threw in the trash
What beverage does the Lechero not want Sammy to drink
What is Lincolns 'Last Meal' before the execution
What are Kellermans last words before he kills daniel hale
What food does Owen Kravecki distribute
When Alex Mahone is calling the police in panama how does he describe Bill Kim
Where is the manager of the bank at the time Michael robbed it
What city is used to blackmail Warden Henry Pope
Whos Grave is dug up to retrieve clothing and money in season 2
What device is used to dig a hole in the wall of fox river during the riot
What does bellick find Written on a notepad in Michael and Sucres cell
What cell do michael and Sucre live in
Which foot does michael only have 8 toes on
What drug does C-note get Michael to pose as a diabetic
What part of an animal is used to propose a fight In sona
Fernandos last name is a city in what country
What does maricruz want sucre to get at his aunts house in mexico.
What food does Sucre make for the man he met on the bus
How many children did T-bag rape and kill before fox river
What is the name of Susan Hollanders son
How much is the RV that Benjamin Miles Franklin wants to purchase
What does Sucre take from petey
When Gretchen is found outside of the prison chapel who does she say is with her
What are the names of the parents of Lincoln and Michael
What month is Henry Pope and his wifes anniversary in
What company does Nick Savrinn work for

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