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Chicken Cutlet topped with Eggplant, Mozzarella and Meat Sauce.
Penne Pasta in Pink Creamy Sauce with prosciutto, parmesean, shallots and a splash of Vodka.
Fettucine in a creamy white parmesean sauce.
Chicken sauteed with mushrooms and red peppers in a light red sauce over pasta.
Potato dumplings in a Pesto Sauce topped with parmesean cheese.
Penne Pasta sauteed in broccoli and spinach in a garlic white wine sauce.
Chicken lightly breaded, topped with mozzarella and red sauce.
Cheese Tortellini served in a pink blush sauce.
Chicken in a creamy parmesean sauce over pasta.
Penne in a marinara sauce with capers and olives (and sometimes anchovies).
Chicken Breast sauteed in lemon wine butter sauce.
Penne Past in Spicy Hot Marniara sauce with prosciutto and shallots.
Tortellini in a sauce (aurora or alfredo) with peas, prosciutto and shallots.
Fettucine with Broccoli, chopped tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms in a white wine garlic sauce.
Chicken served in sweet Italian wine with mushrooms.

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